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So, you want to start email marketing? But don't know where to start?, Here is a beginner's guide on how you can start email marketing with Convert kit in 2020.

Email marketing is the best tool to connect with your audience and share the important information with them and promote your business.

What is Email Marketing?

As the name suggest Marketing through emails, Email marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts user to come and visit their business site and buy their services through emails. In short, promoting your brand through email is known as email marketing.

How Can Email Marketing Benefit your Business?

There are many benefits of email marketing, some of them is listed below:-

#1 More Traffic

You will get more traffic to your website as you are sending mails to people and asking them to visit your website, the person you sent the mail will open it and if there is something helpful for them, they are going to come on your website.

#2 Big Active Following

If unfortunately your website comes to the Google's backlist and your traffic comes down to zero, then your business will get ruined. But if you do email marketing, then you will have a list of thousands of active followers of your blog/website, and you can call them to visit your website through mails and in this way your traffic will never go to zero.

#3 Targetted Audience

Only the people who are interested in your site niche will join your email list and so you will have a long list of people interested in buying your services or reading your blog. And so you will have a targetted audience. There is a common saying that 

"100 Targetted People are better than 1000 Non-targetted People"

All the above reasons are enough to start email marketing, but from where should you start email marketing?

There are many email marketing tools out there in the market but currently, the best is Convert Kit. But, now you will be thinking about what is convert kit and why it is the best?

What is Convert Kit

Convert kit is an Email Service Provider Company (ESP), It is very easy to use and is used by many top business owners for their email marketing strategy. It is very easy to use and has many awesome  features that makes it different from other ESPs.

Why You Should I Convert Kit?

Convert kit is a very popular Email service provider and has many benefits if you use this awesome email service provider for your email marketing strategy. Some of those benefits are listed below.
  • It is very easy to use and it is a very powerful ESP
  • It has a descent pricing and also has a free plan to try Convert Kit
  • Most of the other email service providers are based for e-commerce site owners and so have features only dedicated to e-commerce. But, Convert kit is only based on content creators, i.e, bloggers and Youtubersand have many features related to it.

How to Create an Account on Convert kit?

So, above you understood the advantage of using convert kit as your email marketing strategy tool. So, now you will be thinking about how you can get started with Convert kit, so here is an easy four-step guide on how you can sign up on convert kit.
  1. Head over to the Convert Kit's official site by pressing here and Click on the "Sign Up Free" button on the top-right corner.
  2.  Fill what is asked by you, after clicking on the signup button, it will ask some questions like "Are you a beginner in email marketing", "Do you have a Website" or something like that, fill what is correct.
  3. After filling out the desired information, a box will appear that will ask for login details, type your email address and the password in the box.
  4. Voila! You have successfully created your Covert kit account.

How to Setup Convert kit

After creating an account on the Convert kit, it is time to set up your account on convert kit and build your first email list.

#1 Create a Form

A form is basically the actual thing that is seen by your visitors on your site. To create a form follow these steps:-
  • Log in to your account and select Forms
  • Then select which type of style you want
  • Then fill out the necessary settings like the name of your form, what is displayed on the form, image on the form (only for specific styles), and many more like this

#2 Create a Sequence

A sequence in Convertkit is the message that should be displayed whenever a person signs up in your email list. To Create a sequence follow these steps:-
  • Login to Convertkit and select Sequence from the top bar.
  • Then click on "Create Sequence" to make a sequence
  • The next step is naming your sequence and setting up your sequence, type a name and write the message that will be sent to the user.
  • Then finally connect your sequence with the form.

#3 Display the Form on Your Website

After making the form and sequence it is time to get email subscribers, and so you need to make your form public. 
To do that, you will get 3 options:-
  1. Javascript code
  2. HTML code
  3. Wordpress Plugin
Choose the way that's more suitable for you and display your form on your website.

#4 Make and Send a Broadcast

A broadcast is a message that is sent by you to all your subscribers. It is like a personal message or like weekly updates. Follow these steps to create a broadcast.
  • Select Broadcast from the top menu
  • Click on the +New Broadcast option at the right corner.
  • Then fill out basic information like who will send this broadcast, who will receive this broadcast, etc, and then click on the "Next Step" option appearing at the bottom.
  • Here type the subject of the mail and the main body
  • After creating that, click on the "Next Step" option
  • To send the broadcast, all you have to do is click on the "Send Broadcast" option.

Scheduling an Email

Well, sending a broadcast has some major features that you should know about like scheduling, tags, etc.  Here is how you can schedule emails or broadcasts. 

At the last step while creating a broadcast, there you will see an option named "Schedule" above the "Send Broadcast" written between brackets near Send Immediately option.

Simply click on it and you will schedule your mail.

Creating Tags

Tags are something that will filter the number of people you are sending the broadcast. Like, if I want to send this email to all my premium members, then I can add a tag for them as premium and the mail will be sent to the premium members only.

To create a tag, follow these steps:-
  • From the top bar, select 'Subscribers'
  • Here you will see a list of all your subscribers, scroll down and on the right-hand side, you will see an option labeled as '+ Create Tags' at the bottom, click on it. 
  • Type the name of the tag in the new dialogue box that appears.
That's it you will now successfully create a tag.

Tips to Build an Email List That will Convert

Once your form is public, you will start getting email subscribers. But many times, your subscribers will not convert so here are some tips that will help you build an effective email list.

#1 Create a Personalized Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTA is the message displayed to the visitor. You should write a personalized CTA because this attracts more targetted subscribers to join your email list.

#2 Share it Everywhere

Share your Newsletter form everywhere on social media so that you can get more targeted people into your email list.

#2 Delete Unengaged Subscribers

You should delete unengaged subscribers as they are just like trash with diamonds. You can find them with the help of Convert kit analytics.


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